Old School beauty product that never fails

When I was young, My mother would apply a generous amount of Pond’s Moisturizer specifically for dry skin every night and would wake up the next day with a baby smooth skin. I never really cared much about it but I remeber asking why? My mother would answer me I don’t need it, Im too young for applying the product and she will let me use  the product only when I turn 18.


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Disneyland with Iza and Mark


It was the perfect weather to spend a day in disneyland. Mark and Iza woke up early for this day while me and King are still preparing.


All of us are ready to leave the house and We had a light breakfast with a cup of coffee and left for Disneyland.


The Tram

At the line for the tram to enter Disneyland park, all of us were so excited like kids who just can’t wait to see a magic show.



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