Old School beauty product that never fails

When I was young, My mother would apply a generous amount of Pond’s Moisturizer specifically for dry skin every night and would wake up the next day with a baby smooth skin. I never really cared much about it but I remeber asking why? My mother would answer me I don’t need it, Im too young for applying the product and she will let me use  the product only when I turn 18.


I didn’t have to wait until I’m 18 to apply moisturizer since my skin started reacting with the weather and puberty at the age 14. I can clearly remember when my mother had to send boxes of goodies from the states to the Philippines with a dozen skin moisturizer by Pond’s. It was moisturizer galore in my bedroom that I share with my older sister. I loved how this amazing moisturizer treated my face and skin, it heals my cracked skin and all other parts of my body that needed extra moisturizing. If you ever feel like your skin feels dry after you shower or when you wash your face? This is the solution. I have been using this for years and I swear it’s the best economic skin moisturizer. I use it after washing my face and taking a shower. I feel like my skin gets dry after any sort of exposure to water so I rub this on my face and my skin feels hydrated and soft again.I recommend using this product because it’s affordable, moisturizing and makes your skin feel super soft. There are different kinds of Ponds moisturizers you can try depending on your what your skin needs are.


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