Naturie Skin Conditioner


In my make up tutorials, I have not really emphasized how amazing this japanese skin conditioner treats my skin.

NATURIE skin conditioner in AMAZON

Here’s an important information why you should get this product!

Made from Coix seed extract they’re considered to be a cooling, draining food. Since skin ailments like acne, eczema, and rosacea is a sign of excess toxic heat in the body, coix will gently cool down your inflammation and soothe existing breakouts by draining pus and extra water retention.

How does It benefits skin health?

  1. Controls acne breakouts and sebum production
  2. Brightens pigmentation
  3. Moisturizes dry skin

My experience with pregnancy break outs, this toner helped me with my acne break out specifically on the face. It reduces the inflammation and redness of the sensitized area of my face. Since it was a souvenir gift from my cusweet japanese friend, once i finish this 500ml skin conditioner I will definitely order online. (Amazon)

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