Essential forms for a FREELANCE MAKE UP ARTIST!

Aside from all the make up products and the tools you need for hairstyling, you must have the essential forms to perform a professional make up and hair application.

As a make up artist you have to make sure you have an all natural, no chemical and fragrance free make up. You can get them at wholefoods. With these products they don’t usually last long since they are non- alcoholic. You’re more likely to buy mineral make up, its fragrance free, chemical free and non-animal tested. But some skin specially dry skin tends to break out with mineral make up so better ask the client in advance to know what type of make up products you need to use.

Skin analysis form

In this form, you will be given the opportunity to understand the intake and the skin type, skin condition and skin treatment needed for your client before any make up or treatment application. Having them to sign the form will ensure your business safety and your image as a freelancer in the beauty industry.


This is a formal form you give your client while doing a consultation. This will help you determine the rate, the products you will use and to confirm the transaction between you and your client. Having them to sign the agreement with the initial deposit will make sure your confirmation with the client.


Giving your client a face chart will give them the idea of how they will look like on their special day or the day of their event. With a face chart it will be easier for you to get the products you need to use for the client. It will also show how professional you are with your clients and it shows how organize are you as a Make Up Artist.

mua and client agreement form

This form allows you a written approval from your client for you to proceed with the make up/ hair styling application. With your clients signature and date signed this shows that your client trusts you and they trust you with their skin’s health.

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