Dupe for Benefit’s PORE fessional

Yeeeeesss to the same effect and long lasting pore eraser BIG NO NO on the price range. Benefit’s Pore-fessional pore minimizer is a NO GO for a starter in make up.

Maybelline on the other hand offers a pocket friendly price and similar amount in a tube.It feels silicone like, and if I were to compare it texture wise to another product I’ve tried, I’d say it felt like the Smash box photo finish foundation primer.

The good thing about the Benefit’s poreminimizer its a mainstream pore minimizer, and if you are one of those branded addicts (I know some people who are really into the brands) and won’t mind about the price then you will trully benefit from Benefit’s Pore-fessional pore minimizer. Benefit has a colour to it, it is nude in colour but dries to a translucent finish, it isn’t a major thing but something I preferred and since this is a comparison and a review of my thoughts I thought it was worth mentioning, I also really liked the scent of the porefessional.

Both matte finish, both great for its worth. Baby skin by maybelline is still a GO for me price wise and for its outcome on my skin. Even though some people think it has a greasy texture, as for me I didnt feel or even notice it, not that im not paying attention.

Beeauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so I highly recommend you guys to check both items.💝


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