For the month of May, As I am feeling a lot heavier, weighing 187lbs on my 31st weeks of pregnancy, I am decided to be unemployed.  By the last week of April, my mother in law had been planning to go to Laughlin, Nevada to welcome the summer. While there was no definite date plan,  I thought to myself this is a blessing since it would be nice to just relax and stay by the river.

I started thinking of ways to get myself ready for the long drive and for the trip to the river. Here’s how I got ready.


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Disneyland with Iza and Mark


It was the perfect weather to spend a day in disneyland. Mark and Iza woke up early for this day while me and King are still preparing.


All of us are ready to leave the house and We had a light breakfast with a cup of coffee and left for Disneyland.


The Tram

At the line for the tram to enter Disneyland park, all of us were so excited like kids who just can’t wait to see a magic show.



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